Simbang Gabi - Nine 5AM Masses

Here's a definition of Simbang Gabi:   Wikipedia
Practically in Tagalog, Simba means to worship (related mostly to mass and church) and Gabi stands for night. Masses are celebrated at 0500 so I'm not sure why it's called 'night' instead of dawn.
Some people say when you completed these Nine masses, you can make a wish. Up to you if you wanna wake up everyday and complete these 9 for that wish. With me, I did it this year to say Thanks because I'm still living with blessings that I don't need but getting and surviving all miserable experiences in the past, and yes I did make a wish this morning related to my career because why not.
The church that we've been going to since we moved in California is St. Christopher Catholic Church in Moreno Valley. It's a small parish but you can feel the community supporting each other. They do Spanish, Filipino and English masses.
I finished my first complete one back in 2011. And this morning, I just finished it again! Total of two now in this lifetime. Feels good. Only bad part is I can't force myself to work out anymore during the day due to crazy sleeping schedule with work and these masses.
Below are the name of the priests in order who celebrated the masses:
  1. Arnel
  2. Anton
  3. Anton
  4. Jacob
  5. Arnel
  6. Augustin
  7. Jonathan
  8. Arnel
  9. Arnel
There was one time where Deacon Thomas, who celebrated his first mass as a newly ordained minister, stood up and did the Sermon. He told the story of how people have been asking him if he's a Filipino. He said he's not and after that continued by saying:
"I don't understand your Language , I don't understand your Culture.
But I do understand your Love and I do understand your Faith."
He teared up a bit after he said those phrases. I, not really a crier at movies especially love stories (ewe), almost teared up because all of us can feel his sincerity. The next day, I told my mom about him, and my mom cried just by me saying to her those Quoted lines.
Every night, before the last blessing, there's always announcements. These announcements usually include saying Thanks to everyone that's been attending and asking for new blankets to donate for the homeless. It's called Blanket Drive that tends to help homeless during winter.
For all these priests, choir, commentator, servers, and others that I do not know what to call, Thank you! Also for the ones that completed with me, even though I don't know anyone, it's still nice that it's not only me who wake up and complete the masses.

Oh and before I forget, Merry Christmas!
Thank you Lord God.


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