Spelunking - Palawan, Philippines. June 2011

Spelunking - more commonly known as Caving. This involves hiking but with more rocks, lol. I don't recommend this for those who are scared of the dark, heights, being scarred or sweating at all.
It's been years since my parents and I did this so forgive me if I don't recall what exactly we did. I put some links below that I found on the web that has told their own stories regarding this adventure.
There was 4 of us who did including a guide. The helmet and gloves was included in the fee we paid. We went through small water falls inside the cave and had to use ropes to climb up and stuff. Gloves are necessary. You will touch spike rocks that will damage your hands and if you're not careful, you're skin. There are techniques and the guides will teach you how to twist and turn your body so you can go through these rocks. My mom got dizzy right around before the end, well a few more climbs, so we left her for a bit and continue to finish the adventure.
The view up top after was relaxing. You can zip-line as a shortcut or reward yourself I guess if you want to. But I don't need to since, you know, I prefer sweating than relaxing.
Horizon of farm lands and fresh air, green platonic lands that'll make you appreciate the nature's scenic view. If you haven't tried Spelunking, you should. It's worth it and a great work out.


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