Sucks to be us - UPDATED >:(

Well, I hate to be so moody in New Year's Eve Day, but here it goes..
It's been 24 days since our break up. I'm doing okay and I know he's doing great as well. We haven't talked one bit and I miss him. Not only the 'boyfriend' part of it but mostly the friendship. I know he feels the same way. Ever since then, there's only five people I told about us.. Tanglao, Gomz, Mama, Papa and Lhendog. Other than that, my coworker Angie asked me and of course I had to say we're not together anymore and my cousin Ate Gigi.
Holidays has passed, Christmas and New Year (it's already 1st of 2016 in the Philippines), and we haven't greeted each other. Why? We're broken up anyway but that's not the point.
When we broke up, it's not only us that will have to stop talking to each other. Including our relatives, parents and other friends that was only connected because of each other.

I feel awkward sometimes to even like his cousins' Instagram posts or Facebook but I think to myself, it shouldn't be that way. He still hasn't deleted our pictures in Facebook as well in Instagram. I feel, maybe mixed. We still love each other, Damn it.
It sucks for me to feel betrayed because his sister hasn't been greeting me like before. I guess she feels weird too talking to me if his brother and I are not together anymore.
Today, the sister of Ate Gigi, there's four of them, asked me how I'm doing. And not in the normal way but in a teasing way about my break up. I call her Ate Cath. I'm close with my cousins so there's nothing wrong with me sharing to them or me asking them personal questions. She's like "Are you still going home back in Philippines, why are you so busy at work, is there another reason why you're being so busy?". And I'm just smiling and saying I'm okay, He's okay and that we're okay. I'm here and he's just there. I know they all know so I don't have to hide it.
Now, there's two groups of people who knows about us and it's because they asked me: My Coworkers (not sure if Angie told somebody else) and My cousins. No big deal.

For the past 6 years, I've always greeted his parents in Christmas and New Years. Sometimes it's his Mom that greets me first but we always greet each other. After our breakup, I've decided to not talk to anyone related to him. But on Christmas, Tita greeted me with a 'Take Care' at the end and heart emoticons. I was touched. That even if me and his son are over, she still remembers me. Of course I responded as quick as I can and greeted back saying 'to the whole family'. I thought that was it, Christmas greeting was also for New years.
I was wrong. She just greeted me today and I greeted back. It's so thoughtful, and I know it's just greetings, but Hey, those are his parents. No matter how many times we broke up, we've touched and met each others' relatives and lives. It's not so easy to move on if you know every single thing about your then partner and now it's all gone and done.
If you're reading this Jee, sucks to be us; right?

Beside from my emotional post right now, I want to wish everyone around the world a Happy New Year!
A little update, 2101 at the moment before it becomes 2016.. His Dad just greeted me on Facebook, publicly about New Years. How sweet right? I thought his mom's greetings was from the both of them, but No, his father posted on my wall. Thank you Tito for remembering me and of course the greeting.

After a minute of that touching greeting.. I found out that my Ex and the girl he was interested in while we're still together are friends in Facebook! OOhhhh it makes my blood boil right now. I'm freaking mad but at the same time happy since it'll help me to move on faster. I don't know what to do but get over this and make my anger last so I won't miss him anytime soon. I hope they get married after knowing each other for the shortest time so I can move on completely!

Forgive me for being so mad.. Just because I'm like this right now, doesn't mean it should rub off to you. Be Good, Be Brave, Find you Happiness.
What a story to end my 2015. Thank you!


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