Thanks 2015

Too much similarity with most people in the world right now. But I had to.

For all the experiences I've done. All the moving from and to different States. The problems and miserable situations I've dealt with. The opportunities offered, not only to me but to everybody. Friendships that was built and left out. Messages that made me realize how lucky I am to have those people in my life.
The freaking pressure that made my cry once in a while. Relatives that never forget to say hi and ask how we are doing (aside from others that ask just so they can beg for money, sorry for being so harsh but still thank you). 
For my Parents' generosity. I feel so freaking blessed, not only because of the support they give me and the things they spoiled me with even if I don't ask them to, but I can see that they are so giving. Giving to who no matter what. As long as they have something, they will share it.

Washington DC
Graceland Elvis Presley
Tree saved my Gooby
Intern at MODOT
Gooby Incident
Bass Pro Pyramid, Memphis TN

Below are all in California :)
Newport Beach, Balboa Island
Palm Springs
New music, not only the ones that I like but all those provocative or all about sex and drugs that makes us appreciate the other songs that really is about life, still Thank you.
New TV shows that my parents are watching in Netflix, Old show like my all time favorite Friends, and the second one kinda similar How I Met Your Mother, thank you for airing everyday so people like me who watch tv in the most weird times.
New movies like Star Wars and other Marvel films that makes my Mom cringe and tired by only watching, chick flicks that I regret watching like Paper Towns, (What If was just okay). I prefer action/adventure films, that's probably why. But no matter what, they put all their efforts to finish those and I believe did their best as well. We, mass, appreciate all of it.

I'm sorry for not including everything and everyone that I can't remember - Thank you All.


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