Work Hard - More Luck

So, I had a lot of things done and paid off. Many things came to a surprise and that made my budgeting a little off. Taxes are crazy. You think you're gonna get this much, but not really. Especially when you're on the budget cent by cent, like me.
Last week, I paid almost $400 for the registration of my vehicle here in California. Which for me, is crazy. I didn't have enough at that time but good thing I always plan ahead for my car which is my monthly payment aside from gas.
I calculated everything and I have $25 left on my account. Next paycheck, it'll say if I have enough for my car for December.
I have savings but I don't wanna use that if possible. My car payment is $307. 
I thought I'm gonna have a negative account; I won't let that happen of course, just my calculation. 
Then I got overtime, about more than an hour. Even if it'll save the required amount, I didn't think of it that way because of the amazing taxes. But, I hoped.
I'm biased. Let's just put that out there.
And today, I got may Pay Stub...
It's exactly the amount I needed! $282.
Woohoo! I'm just happy about these little things. I said Thanks to the Man above and also appreciated my work. Life may not be balance all the time, but I can see that when working hard, theres more luck.


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