XOut Mistake

On August 24th, XOut tried to charge me for the 1st time that I did not order. I called a man and he explained to me that when I ordered the first time, it's like a continuous order. I did not know that so I said want to cancel right away. Xout did not work for me, not even a bit.
So thinking that was the end of Xout and me, it was not. Today, 12/06/2015 I checked my CC (because I do that every once in a while, more than a normal person would because I'm paranoid and a little OCD) it says pending of $38.79.
Of course I called and clarify explaining myself that I already cancelled this way back.
Stevana, who helped me, said the product is already in the warehouse and she cannot dispute the amount on my account. I said, how can I'm the one being punished if it's your agent that did not cancel my subscription when I completely said I do not want it anymore. She put me on hold and said she'll ask her 'resources'. When she came back, she told me that she'll put back the amount in about 3-5 days which I understand because that's how the bank/CC works. Aside from that, she told me to return the products if I do receive it with the shipping label that they will send as well.
Disappointed about this misunderstanding, still impressed with their service even if she did not refund it at first.

Update January 15th.
I got the notice (photo above on right) saying I owe $101.35. I called as soon as I can and Daphne answered. The whole phone call was 5:02, of course that includes the annoying robot whi answers the call. 
When I mentioned this to Daphne, she said that's actually already cancelled and the only thing you owe us is $4. I was surprised like for what? She explained shipping fee return and I'm like "I already returned the product which was prepaid so what is this for?" She said don't worry I can easily waive it for you. She did and in the back of my mind, why would you charge me for something I returned where one of your people that helped me said it's prepaid. Anyway, thats done.
Again, disappointing and amazing customer service.


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