Zenatane - First 2 months

Zenatane is a Isotretonin Treatment that comes in a capsule.
I just finished the 2nd month of my Ipledge program. I'm currently in my regular check up and I think they're gonna start adding more mg's on the capsule. The first two months have 40 mg.
This Ipledge program thing is a 6 month program and has a huge warning to not get pregnant. Every capsule is hard to get (childproof as my mom says) and has a sign saying don't get knocked up. Thats how you know it's a pretty big deal when it'll affect you and your future baby while taking this, or any acne oral treatment as I heard.

This is for my ACNE treatment. Cystic Acne to be exact. I tried ProActiv, Xout, Neutrogena, Koji Soap, Acne facial wash/cleansers and ointments.. Whatever it is, it's either related or same ingredients anyway and nothing worked.
I take it once a day, it doesn't matter which time as long as it's with a meal. They recommend with the heaviest.  I also have hundreds, maybe thousands bumps in my back, as well as the back of my neck below my hair. 
Yesterday, my mom noticed and looked at it (back of my neck) and said it cleared up. It cleared up good.  Red bumps on face, extreme drying of lips and pimples, bleeding of nostrils (when picking your nose, it's not dripping down so don't be scared) and skin abnormalities like my hand below.
40 Mg has green capsules.
These side effects can be handled. They say it's worst on the first few months since the body is acting up to a new medication. But on third month, effects on skin will show as intended. Let's hope that's true. 


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