Bear Mountain - Snowboarding

Parking is not easy. Well, the way to parking that is. We arrives minutes before 0900. Lesson was about 0950-1150. We rode a shuttle to go to out first lesson. Ootd.

Above photos are when I was at the machine going and took the chance to take a picture and Karla in Rentals that helped me. It was a little chaotic since the place for rentals are a bit small for the amount of people going there so it's a little crowded. When I try to fix my boots, people were hitting my head. Returning the gears were pretty smooth, they just tell you to leave them at the counter and that;s it.
Lesson was taught by David and Carrie. I say we were about 10-12. They were okay for a lot of people like us.
I would say view is better here at Bear mountain compare to Snow Summit. But still, I was happy to see both resort here in Big Bear. 
Check my Instagram for a small snippet and YouTube for a 2nd day video.

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