Denny's - Big Bear

Breakfast! We love their Chicken noodle soup so we always order the Bowl. My mom tried the Clam Chowder (small) and she loved it. It's because yesterday, when we ate lunch at Snow Summit, she ate Clam Chowder and loved it so she wants it again.
Above are my parents hands.

When we arrived, the lady who greeted us put us on a table since there's only one medium booth left. If possible, we always prefer booth since it's softer. When she put the utensils for a second I mentioned can we sit somewhere around the back, there's a couple of booth left and she said that part is closed. I said what about on the last booth around the middle. She didn't say anything and head over there.
I'm not sure if it was only me, but I think she was irritated by me insisting a booth. I guess I'm used to the ones greeting at the door to ask if we want a table or booth or even ask is this ok for you, which she didn't. She has long hair (dark blonde) and red earrings that look like a snake or an S far away. 

Our server Melinda, who was lovely, mentioned at first it's too early for soup. While sad, my dad chose a sandwich real quick to cover that order. After a minute, she came back and said soups are actually ready. Of course my dad said he prefer soup than the sandwich. As she was leaving, my mom said can I have the clam chowder small. So yeah. 
I ordered 'Build your Own Grand Slam', toasts, bacon, hash brown and eggs, and mom got 'Ultimate Skillet' (photo above). All great!


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