Hair Color

My mom and I always use Revlon that we buy from Walmart for $2.97 + tax. It's really good and cheap. Last cut (seven months) and color before this was about almost six months ago. After my 4th breakup, I had to try something new to my hair. Color wise. So I searched and waited for the right one that will really make me like it. And I found this style called 'Oil Slick'. Some people called it 'Petrol Hair'.
I got this done at Qi hair Salon. Check out that link for the whole process and review if the salon. 
They even took pictures of me after the process. I didn't ask them to do that, but I asked my hair stylist to send me those pictures. 

Some people are so proud if they never processed their hair with anything. And I'm proud of them for that. But don't think of us who likes to have fun with our hair because our personality can't be down with just one style the whole lifetime.


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