Hilton LAX Parking

I paid this online. On the Hilton Lax Parking website. Choose the special package which says more than 7 days get one free, it's a little cheaper. If you're practical like me, you'll pick the cheapest yet best choice.
Justin picked up my car and gave me a ticket for when I return. It wasn't that long until he got my car, not even 3 minutes. I started being in line for the shuttle at 1558. It arrived around 1610 and left right away.
I didn't know what the name of the driver was, but she's lovely and has medium length blonde hair. Really helped with carrying luggage. She asked what airlines so she would know where to stop. There was only 4 of us in the shuttle, meaning we left as soon as possible. We went straight to the airport for about 5 minutes.

UPDATE: Coming back was a little harder than the departure, probably because I was sad leaving vacation and tired from flights. I had to wait 15 minutes on the spot where hotel shuttle services are and that's what they say so no complains about that. When we arrived at the hotel, I waited about 5 minutes for my car and same look so I know it was covered.

Will come back here if needed. Just be aware of their time of waiting for shuttles, Have enough time and don't blame them.


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