Income Equality is NOT a big deal

This is not about who should have more pay, men or women. I don't care about those stuff as long as both do the same work, it should be equal.
Alert! I'm Biased, with almost everything. I do believe in what I have faith in or what I see, but most of the time, I can be persuaded with the other side.
With movies, I always want the plot to be confusing. The story that will also make you feel bad for the villain and fully understand their side. It's too boring if the protagonist has all the good side and the bad one is just plain bad.

Through the years of my growing up, I saw how my parents work and how much they earn. They are both hard workers and will help as much as they can. My papa taught me how to cooperate with others, when to just listen and be quiet. My mama told me to leave every problem at work, same thing at home. Be professional, yet friendly.
When it comes to money, it's hard to remove the mentality of humans where men is the one responsible to provide while women stays home and feeds the kids, clean the house, etc. I say, it's a partnership. There's nothing wrong with that scenario of course and people should stop giving the
'look' of disappointment if it's vice versa. Or if the man earns less than his wife. It shouldn't be that way. Not only you're making the husband/man look bad for everybody and degrading their masculinity, but also shows how shallow and judgmental you are.

I do not want to use the word 'hate' but sometimes I'm disappointed at my mom.
My mother is a Nurse, a Travel Nurse. She earns a lot. My father is an employee. He was a mechanic before and a loader now in a company. He earns normal like most everybody. My father is the most hard working person I've ever met. Just this past week, he did 60 hours. Last night, he was even thinking of working today. Me and my mom even told him, No, You need to rest.
Back to my mom, sometimes she says stuff that means me and my dad's income is nothing. There was one time where my mom's telling the story of how she and my dad talked. She explained.. My father said, "I've been working too hard, maybe I can help now to pay for your Credit Card debts".. My mom replied 'okay' in a sarcastic yet normal way. When she's telling this to me, I can already tell that she's being funny of how my dad's income won't be much as hers to pay their debts. I found this offensive. Especially for my father. I straight up said to my Mom, "Mom, stop. Don't be like that. If papa earned something and wants to help you, it doesn't matter how much, he's freaking helping you and working hard everyday. Don't think or say it that way."

That conversation is insulting even for me. Just because you're earning a lot, doesn't mean other's paycheck means nothing. Sorry mom, I love you forever but some times you're wrong. I hate the fact that I'm the one saying these things to you because if Papa does, I know it's going to be a big trouble.
I also remember my conversations with my Ex, when he always say "I'm the man, I should be the one providing for our family". He wanted me to stay home once we start our family. I was okay with that but at the same time, if I can do both, be at home and work, why not? He admitted that its his pride that's why he wants to be like that and I understand.

I also remembered before, when I was working in MODOT as Design Intern, I earn a 13.36 per hour, which is more than the 7.25 minimum wage in Arkansas. In my other job at the time, I got a coworker who asked me of how much I earned in Modot. When I answered how much, he mentioned 'Wow'.
When I told my mom this conversation, she's like.. "He said 'wow'?" I already know she meant that he said wow for that amount. I answered explaining, "Mom, don't be like that. People like me, and my coworkers or others are okay with that amount." I feel so bad for people who is working their all power to provide and have a life. Actually, now, I feel bad for my mom to be caught up with how much someone is earning. Like I said, I'm biased.

Point is, don't make people feel any less than you if they don't make the same amount that you do. Money is just another thing that we "need" in this world but we'll leave when we die. It's not gonna make you a hero or a saint by being so wealthy. I'd rather be with someone who's broke and good, rather than rich who insults those normal people who works to live.


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