Ipad 4 Case

I got my Ipad 4 August of 2013. Of course my mom had to buy a case. We got this in Target for $40 USD if I remember correctly. It has auto close for the Ipad and magnet for closing the case. As you can see, the clasp is already broken and I remember the circle magnet went out.
Belking is the brand and as you can see, the inside is already tearing out. It's kind of felt like texture so the black pieces is spreading when breaking. Still, this case has those lines that will help the ipad stand horizontally. 
Bye Belkin, thanks for the 17 months of service.
Got the new case! In Bugis Street, Singapore for $18.90 SGD. What a huge difference in price right? Best part, this is an auto close (turn off) too! I thought it wasn't but it is and even more happier aside from the design. 


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