Panera Bread - Moreno Valley

We first ate here December 10th. We were pleased all the time. The ambiance, fast service and the food, Food is delicious. We used the fast lane where you order your food thru a touch screen and not wait in line for your turn.
I think it's better to use the fast lane especially for people like us who ate for the first time. I ordered flat bread and cheese pastry which is both amazing. I love flat breads because it makes me think I'm not eating a bunch and cheese pastry because cheese duh. The pastry tastes like cheese danish of Starbucks except for the cinnamon. Both good and my favorite snacks.

Today, my mom and I decided to have a take out as our dinner. When we arrived line was long so we used the touch screen again. After we were done, the line was short which means service was fast. We didn't get a receipt and our order will not be delivered since it waa check out. It's going to be placed in a shelf if you ordered online or by phone but since we were there, name will be called. 
After waiting a reasonable amount of time, I stoop up and got our order. I didn't bother to check because I trust them that much. I was wrong to do that. I thought since our first time elwas flawless, it'll be the same. 
When we got home, my mom found out that my sandwich was not there. I tried calling the store at 1835, manager didn't answer due to being busy. Thumbs po to their automated machine for being quick and nice to listen to, not like a robot. It also says there that if you call from 1130-1300 and 1800-1900 that's the busiest time. And I figured ok I'll just continue. 
Also, the spring water in the photo tastes nasty. I didn't try it because I don't want to, but my parents did. They didn't even drink half of it. My mom took it home to wash her hands with it, not to drink. They keep laughing about that's a waste of money and the name 'peligro' that means dangerous is really is dangerous.

Back to my story, I called 1920 and 'Jordan' answered saying they'll list my name and number so I can pick my missing order at any day or with an equal value. Surprised at how easy that was, I gave her my name and number like ni big deal and she said she'll give it to the manager asap. Before our conversation was over she mentioned "We'll also add a pastry for you" and I'm like Thank You! Because duh, I'd love that. 
The only thing I was worried is I don't want my mom's money to go to waste. I'm practical like that, or cheap. Whatever you call it, I don't care.
So as of now, we love Panera Bread for all criteria possible and I'll update about my missing order 'on the house' when I get to go back to the store.


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