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This will be about photos and selfies. You might think I'm vain because of my picture below, I just like the color and my new waxed brows.
I have cameras on phone obviously, Htc Re for everyday travel, Olympus Tough and the Fujifilm Insta Mini 50S.
I love polaroids and it's been a dream of mine since I was a kid. My Htc Re is for capturing everyday random stuff without looking through a screen and just enjoying the moment.

Selfies are fun. Just to an extent. Give yourself a limit. If you do this everyday, I don't judge you. You probably just bored and really pretty. Because I'm not. I take selfies not more than 10 and I'm done. Thats I take photos like this once in a while to capture my face that don't have many zits at the time. 
Selfies with friends are the best. It's bonding time and you have proof. Please just don't do it for 10 minutes or I'll leave completely. When you're outside, taking pictures are okay just try to focus on the background, place or wherever and whatever you're taking a picture of. If you're gonna go out just to take your damn face, stay home put make up and take pictures all you want because it can be annoying! 

Either digital or printed images, it's all precious. It depends on the person which one they prefer. People tend to say killing trees with polaroids or wasting money buying films, I don't care. I love my little polaroids that I get to hold on everytime I want to. Bad side is you get one shot or you'll look not nice at that photo forever if you missed the chance.
Digital are really helpful especially to choose which one you like the best. Mostly for social media. Another copy are relevant to because technology is bad and sometimes crashing without you even knowing.

Videos in action adventures are a must. That I know for sure because I need a real proof that I did my adventures and not put a costume and took a picture.

Don't think I'm a hoarder in cameras, I just love it's different specifications in different adventures I did and plan to do while I live. Memories capture in each one is not only a proof but makes you relive that moment either fun or sad. Hopefully mostly fun of course, who wants to capture miserable moments. Unless they're funny miserable, then I don't wanna miss that. 

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