Qi Hair Salon - 7 panels

Doing my first 'fun' color today. It includes bleaching which I'm a virgin on. Forgive my face. Finish product at the end.
My hair is curently in the process of bleaching with heat so the colors will turn out the way it suppose to be. Beside that picture is after shampooing and drying those parts which made me realize, I will not go blonde, ever. I don't want to say never because I'm not like that, but I don't like blonde on me.
This Salon is in Moreno Valley. Sunnymead Street to be exact. My hairstylist is Sophiany. I know it's just an hour since we started since my appointment was 2pm and we started a little after that, I can tell why people give her good reviews. I chose this salon in searching google and a little bit of Yelp.
It's a small place but the inside is great. No too bright colors and relaxing. Music is great as well. My kind of place to hang out while waiting for my hair to be alive.

The style I'm aiming for is close to 'oil slick'. It did not reach everyone like Ombre or the old and gray color. Probably because it targeted brunettes and black haired women like me. Some people call it 'petrol hair'. I don't find it disgusting to hear because I'm not like most people but it's called that way because of the effect of the reflection of the oil makes when reflected with light.
Since I'm always into dark colors or highlights before, this style is completely new to me. Let alone like I said earlier, the bleaching part. 

Colors are blue, purple and green. Photo above is the second and last heating.
Last time I colored my hair was when my mom was about to move to California. Thats was last June. We usually use Revlon that can be brought in Walmart. Costs $2.97 + tax. Last time I cut it was in July for my birthday. Kinda short at that time and I'm actually surprised how long it got now in just 5 months and more.
Sophiany suggested that it's healthy to have a haircut 8-12 weeks. And wash the hair at least 2 days after the last one. Like everyone says, it's healthier for the scalp to release the natural oil. 

I was thinking of being here for at least 3 hours. Let's see. I'll upload the links soon with some pictures where the oil slick is shown in different styles like all around, ombre and panels only. I'm doing the last one - panels suggested by Sophiany since I'm new to colors and can always add more if I want to.

Finished before 6pm. I love it. Awesome part is what Sophiany told me about the total, thats it. No additional fees. They even took pictures of my hair afterwards.

Went straight to gym thats why the headband. I don't mean to brag, but I look cool. Because of the hair :)


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