Snow Summit - Skiing

Shuttle service was a total of about 5 minutes. Has chains at the rear and standing all the time. We left around 1210 and when we arrived, went straight to ticket office to claim are paid tickets. Lunch then looked for lockers and rentals. This is our first time being in a place like this, and we can say we chose the perfect weather. Hopefully I don't jinx it or anything. Ootd.
View from shuttle and Rental up top.
After 1 1/2 of lesson, my parents are done with it. It's just 2 hours total. Don was amazing. He makes a lot of pirate jokes and said he really owns a boat. 
1350 - 1550 Group Lesson
I'm having difficulties skiing sideways, not like straight down which is scarier yet a lot of fun.
I purchased our rental + lesson + lift both on Bear Mountain and Snow Summit websites. The lodge Bear Creek was reserved in Big Bear site. It was all prepaid.
The only bummer part about this is where they close everything by 4pm. I should've jump on that chair lift to put me up but I didn't know they'll close it at four. I guess thats for the better since night comes early as that.
My mom and I decided to climb a little and take a video while going down. Thats why my father doesn't wear his gear because his feet hurts and decided to return them asap.
All in all, it was great. I wish I could've ski more but I'll take what I can get. The three of us our tired after. 
I thought skiing is gonna be like rolling skating, it's not.
Check my IG and YouTube for the 1st day video. 

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