Thanks Philippine Airlines

I was gonna praise the cabin crew for being patient with all the old arrogant people that keep complaining about the turbulence and unexpected tech stop at Honolulu. But when I found out they won't wait for me, connecting flight, I'm freaking mad. 0605 was departure time, I got at the gate 0610. Their service of where to go is just passing on. There's questions in between them and not sure what to do.
Flight PR 113 supposed to PR 511 but changed to PR 507. 0330 eta of our landing, moved to 0530. Of course stupid adults who stand in the way waiting made feel late even more. Some even said I can't move so you cant pass, well if you could sit down while others like me who needs to rush can go everything would make sense. Thanks PAL. Thanks for this wonderful feeling. 
Another important thing while on board, their machine for taking credit or debit cards is not working. They tried my three CC's and the other one I just used in LAX Starbucks. She's like cash would be fine. Yes it is fine but warn others about it because not everyone carry cash. Good thing I have some in my waller or else I'm gonna look like an idiot wanting something and can't buy it due ti their fault, again. I said after she gave my change, please fix it for others asap. 

Special mention to the not so skinny woman with black shoulder hair who got my healt declaration yellow form that tried to tell me to go to sidetable just ti put my email address. Good service. Yes thats sarcastic. You know people are rushing and you didn't even greet anyone before or after your interaction with them. I don't care how rich you are, your customer service sucks. Thats why I don't blame people saying Philippines' Manila Airport is the worst. 

Back to my sobbing, yes I was freaking sobbing before typing this for about 20-30 minutes. I know I could've reach that flight if only the service was a better. If they know how important it is for people that time is gold. They don't see it that way. Especially that not so skinny shoulder black hair length woman who got my yellow form. 
Another worst part is, while I just sat down to wait for another 3 hours until the next flight, I feel like the plane that waa leaving bu the window was the one I could've catch. Damn how timing makes me wanna kill someone.

So, as their compliment because of this fiasco of mine, they gave me a free breakfast with a max amount of PHP 300. Honestly, I don't want that free breakfast and rather be in that flighf and let my luggage be late. Of course that's impossible. Still, thanks for the free paso amount for me to eat while waiting due to your fault. 
This whole trip is for to spend time with the love of my life alone. He talked to the agent who booked his ticket about us seating together. WE COULDVE BEEN SEATING TOGETHER BY NOW! I HATE THIS. I hate the fact that 8 hours was lost for us to be together. 
Photo above was our conversation. Not even since most of the time he didn't het my text and I didn't get his. I said at the bottom in Tagalog language, is freaking destiny really doesn't want us to be together?


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