Things I learned (continuation, TIL - 10)

TIL, Thing I learned from bunch of stuff in life. I decided to put the rest in here since of the things I learned, I'm extremely grateful for it.

1 - Childhood, High school, College, Working
2 - Parents, Partner, Philippines, America, Only Child
3 - Driving, Faith, Public, Relatives, Friends
4 - Airport,Airlines&Airplanes, Christmas, New Year, Life, Love
5 - Food, Clubbing, Reading, Technology, Malls, Cinemas
6 - Social Media, Public Transportation, Gaming, Long Distance Relationship
7 - Weddings, Birthdays, Graduation, Valentine's Day
8 - Intersnhips
9 - Moving

Things I learned (so far) = 10th

TIL: Holidays
  1. Greet back if somebody greets you.
  2. Don't be a kill joy. If people around you are happy, don't make them feel less than that just because you don't care about the holidays.
  3. If you're not too close with someone you're with, don't tell them that you're over the holidays like it's the worst thing in the world.
  4. Enjoy it while you can. 
  5. Be contented with what you get. It doesn't even have to be a material thing. Just look back and appreciate everything you have and had, and everyone that touched you life so far.
  6. Age does not matter, you can always give if you can.
  7. Don't be so grumpy. Especially if children are around.
  8. Don't ruin anything for the children. You don't have the right to tell us that Santa is not real.
  9. Let us (children) have fun in Snow, if there's winter, or play with fireworks in New Years.

TIL: Breakups
  1. You, and only you, can decide if you're ready to move on or not.
  2. Time will only HELP to heal you completely.
  3. You can't be mad forever.
  4. It's okay to cry and be miserable.
  5. If it's your first heartbreak, control yourself. It's okay to let loose but be aware of the consequences. I know, it'll be the hardest and you'll curse at every little thing related to your ex so friends are a big help for you to cry on, yell at and tell same old stories about your stupid ex, yep, I know.
  6. Someday, somehow, you're going to get over you Ex. Have patience.
  7. Make yourself busy. find something that you love and focus on it. With me, I get easily bored I love learning and finding new stuff to do.
  8. Don't blame it on you or your Ex alone. It's always within you two.
  9. Don't be so hard on yourself when you're feeling guilty about the break up.
  10. Let the love flow. Sure, hating on your Ex will make you cringe and survive fast but it will not last. Accept the fact that the Love is still there and it won't go away anytime soon. It sucks to be in a position where you are right now, but it will get better. Good luck!


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