B of A Network Confusion 3

Update below when I got the card!
I got an email today. I haven't got my card yet. And I got another email below. When I looked on the web, it says 'Visa' only. What might have happened to the 'Visa Signature'? Hmm, fishy. Lol.
It seems that I got another offer card when I opened the link. The 'Better Balance' rewards Credit Card. I don't even care as of now, I just want to see what are the offers and again, No 'Visa Signature'.
I have a feeling (or I'm hoping too) that they listened to my suggestion to change the photo where it originally says "Visa Signature" since it might be deceitful to people like me who is really into details knowing what I'm going into.
Good job for changing as soon as possible! Thumbs up for that.
Check the links below for the original posts and continuation before this one:
UPDATE @ 1415 I got my Card!

NOPE. I apologize for being so confused writing these articles. I just looked up at their website 1735 and it still shows "Visa Signature". Public is looking at the website. When I got my email this morning, and it shows the link when I clicked it, that is especially, for me, I guess.


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