Bank of America Network Confusion 2

After the whole conversation with Jamika, I can't be comfortable knowing I can feel that 'Platinum Visa' and 'Visa Signature' is not the same even if she says it is. 48 minutes later, I called a different number from the website.
Went straight to someone then transferred to Card Services - Terry after 7 minutes and 35 seconds (honestly I don't remember if I talked to a machine before hand since that answering bot is annoying). And of course, it seems that he doesn't know what I was talking about as well. Then he said I'll transfer you to a specialist and gave me a number in case it didn't get through at 13 minutes and 35 seconds. It did NOT and call was ended.
That's the number he gave me.
I dialed the number as soon as possible so that I can get this over with, John answered. Of course, it was around 4 minutes after being annoyed at that asnwering machine. I explained everything again and he asked me about what points do I need or lookig for in the Vusa Signature card. I said, I'm not sure honestly, all I read and understand is that it's not the same thing and has better incentives like extended waararnties and 24/7 concierge. He said okay and continue to find someone who he can transfer me to and he also researching about it. At 11 minutes and 45 seconds, he told me he will put a request about this.
He mentioned first that it was Platinum Visa because people prefer it rather than the other one. 

Then he explained some rules like points at the previous type of card will be forfeited which for me does not count since I don't even have my card yet. Also 2-4 weeks for the new card to arrive and destroy the old ones. Account information has also changed and old one can't be the same as the current one. At 16 minutes and 34 seconds, he asked one last time if I want to proceed, I said Yes please. 
1 minutes or less has passed, he said in order to have or be upgraded to the 'Visa Signature' category, you need to have a limitof at least $5000. Which I don't have. 

At least now that he explained, I know for a fact that it's not the same and questions left unanswered. He mentioned if I want to be transferred to department where I can ask to request to have that limit ot why I didn't. I said No. I don't need to, all I want it some answers and you answered them for me so Thank You. Not only for explaining but especially for researching what I was saying not like others who don't really know anything.
Biggest Suggestion to Bank of America regaeding this:
1. MAKE IT CLEAR ON YOUR OFFER AND SITES. Visa Signature needs to have at least $5k Credit Limit so people like me don't get confused about what you're offering and what I'm not getting.
2. Teach your representative to know things and tell them it's okay for them to say they don't know rather than saying they do. It's embarassing that the customer has more information that the agents have no idea.
So glad it's all clear now. All I have to do is wait for my new Credit Card and enjoy it without thinking about this Visa Signature thing (as of now).
Got this hit today, February 25, 2016. It includes Experian Credit Score and some statements about what they're doing about the Credits, etc. I shredded it all after reading.


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