Bank of America Network Confusion

Platinum Plus VS Visa Signature
Are they different of the same? (Offer to me)
Good Morning! I just spoke to someone in Bank of America named Jamika. First it was Patricia but I guess she's in Operator/Pbx who just transferred me to Credit Services. I explained that when I applied for the credit card, I thought it was going to be a 'Visa Signature'. But after reading and researching about all this, some articles keep saying 'if you got approved'.
When I log in to my mobile app today, the credit card account was already there! Even if I havent got the card yet. But, there was a thing I'm not kind of comfortable about.
At the bottom where it usually says the payment network (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex) I thought the new Credit Card would be Visa Signature. It says 'Platinum Plus' Visa. 

So, I keep retelling JAMIKA about how I read that these two titles are not the same. I would accept her answer saying it was at first, but the things is, it feels like she doesn't even know the Visa Signature or at least the difference between the two of it. 
I MIGHT BE WRONG ONCE I GOT THE CARD THOUGH. Let's see next week and I'll update.
Still, she asked me if I have access to a desktop rather than a mobile. Thinking it was for me to see MY ACCOUNT on the complete site, she only asked me to be on a desktop to LOOK AT THE FREAKING DETAILS credit card I've applied to. Which I told her at least thrice, I've read and looked at that thing a million times (just to make my point clear because I did read again and again). 
There was even a time she mentioned something like, all Visa need to show Visa Signature even if it's not. When I asked about that she explained a different topic. So for me, to fully understand something, when A customer or anyone for that matter that asked a question, you answer that one clearly as possibly as you can.
At one point she even mentioned that you're asking about this kind of credit card right? And that means you're going to get this. And tried to tell me look at the website. Honestly, I feel like she can't tell that with some banks or credit cards, there are choices of payment networks. 
READ THIS and find the part where it says DOWNGRADE:

When I felt that we're just both wasting our time (me asking her things that I feel like she doesn't really know but keeps on doing so just to get rid of me and her trying to explain things that just to say something but not really understanding what she's explaining). 
I tried really hard retelling her again and again I know and read your website about the credit card. She keeps saying 'Yes it's the same thing'.
After that feeling of wow this representative is wasting my time, I just said okay, you confirmed that it's a Visa Signature. Lets wait for my Credit Card and Thank You for your time.
Bank of America Network Confusion 2


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