Bank of America Credit Card Offers

I got an email today @ 0732 with offers for credit cards (first photo below). I woke up around 0900 and glanced thru my phone. Recently, I was looking, reading and researching for Credit Cards not for right now but for future. I don't know what came up to me this morning, but I read the email (which I usually don't about these offers for Credit Cards) and thought why not apply now. I know that I will get denied anyway. Might as well try.

So I applied for the top one with Travel Rewards, because of the reason of No Foreign Transaction Fee. It was in my Ipad's reading list as one of the credit cards choices I was reading about for future references. Oh, and both of these two have No Annual Fee (which is necessary for every Credit Card in my opinion if you're practical like me).
Little did I know, after I put all my information and checked more than three times that this Credit Card has No Annual and No Transaction Fee, I clicked the last step which will say if I was approved or not... I am !
It took like more than a minute for it to process and of course you have to wait for it to finish to know what's up. It's killing me or anyone I think to wait for this kind of stuff and feeling that it's longest seconds/minutes of your life.
Last two months, my love life hit a bump. Of course I had to make myself busy to not be miserable all the time. Last month we went on a quick one week vacation in Singapore (this is why No Foreign Transaction Fee is important) and we made up. This vacation is from our own money. Our parents didn't spend a thing.

I got a little debt on two of my Credit Cards. I didn't reached the limit on either of those two but I was close. I paid these two credit cards fully and didn't even have to pay for any interest. I treat my accounts like cash. Don't spend if you can't pay.
Anyway, because if these two spendings, my Credit Score went down. And by down I mean about 10 in TransUnion and 17 in Fico Score. And this 'reports' of credit score are in statements of February. That's why I mentioned above that I know I'll be denied. 
I don't have any tips for anyone to be approved since I'm still learning how to build my credit since I don't have enough credit history. I guess I want to share this story because it was unexpected. It took guts for me to apply and was risky because aside from getting denied, it'll hurt the credit score more. 

So for those of you who is debating to apply or not, I'm sorry I can't tell you to go for it. Just know what type of Credit Card you want and don't jump into harsh decisions. 
What I can say is a big Good Luck!


Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing such great information. It was very informative and has help me in finding out more detail about Credit card offers!
Marecar Anne said…
My pleasure to help! We are all in this together to make our credit good :)

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