Capital One Credit Limit Increased

I was not expecting this at all. This morning when I woke up, I got an email from Capital One saying they increased my limit. Of course I had to check it myself as soon as possible. And it did increase!
Guess what, by 171.4% ! Yes, I calculated it rather than posting the amount itself since that's not safe at all. Anyway, I didn't request or apply or anything at all so I'm really surprised. 
I used my Capital One this past week when I was in Singapore and as always, there's never been a problem. Best of all, well as of now Capital One is the best for me and all it's perks, No Foreign Transaction Fee! Not like Citi that has a 3%. For a 'self proclaimed adventurer' like me, that's a big deal. Take that Citi for declining my request :P

If you read my Citi Disappointing credit limit No Increase, I was denied thru their website. I wasn't really expecting a lot but because I paid a huge amount, I thought they would do a little. Compare to Capital One? There's a difference of $805 that I pay/paid the highest with Citi compare to Capital One. And not to mention, my Capital one before was less than a grand of credit limit than Citi. So again Citi, you disappoint me. When Capital One increased my limit, I haven't paid them yet a single bit. They told me they know I'm a valued customer and they want me to have more in my wallet. Again, I HAVEN'T PAID ANYTHING YET AND THEY GAVE ME AN INCREASE without me asking. With Citi, I paid first before I asked and nothing. Again, PAID FIRST, DECLINED WHEN ASKED. I'm sorry (a little bit of not really) for bashing Citi. I'm just not happy of how they acknowledge good clients.

Back to Capital One, I posted that they upgraded me to the Quicksilver in December. Best part about that, 1.5% Cash back. Can be claimed either check, credit to the account or direct deposit. And yes, I mentioned it already in my previous post but I used that Cash back credit to the account to pay for some of my debt when I was in Singapore! And when I retrieved that cash back, it was fast. So best timing as well. Amazing right? 


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