Chase Freedom or Slate?

Last week, I got a "pre-screened offer" for a Chase Freedom. I read for days researching if I should get one and apply for the offer. I asked my mom since she has two, not sure if she has more 'Chase' but yeah. She said, go get it, it's a good credit card. I thought it through... For a couple of days and decided NO. I shredded it. For multiple reasons:
  1. I already have three Credit cards and I'm wanting another credit network (Amex).
  2. I don't need another credit card as of this moment.
  3. I already have a Visa/MC and not planning on getting another one yet.
  4. I might get another Visa in the future as long as it has No Foreign Transaction Fee (because my current one has).
  5. Another credit card without the perks/names that I need is just another card that I need to worry about.
So after that Chase Freedom temptation, yesterday when I got home, I got a letter. I thought it was the Chase Freedom still but I remember that I shredded that one. I looked and read real quick. Same thing, "pre screened offer" but for Chase Slate. Of course I had to research again regarding this one.

I shredded it last night, I didn't even spend a day with the offer. Because practically, it's the same thing and same reasons why I don't want to get it. I know Chase is a good one, based on my mom and the way it looks is cool, but I don't want to have many credit cards just because I got offers with No Annual Fee. My main concern when looking and reading of credit cards is to have No annual Fee and No foreign transaction fee. Both of the offers don't have Annual Fee, BUT both has foreign Transaction Fee which is a big deal for me. Know what you need in a card before biting into the dust!

Below are comparison of the two credit cards:
Not comparison - Interesting story
While I'm on reading these two offers and researching what I need in future or planning to get,I found some really helpful articles in the net regarding these letters (both
How many CC you need

That's the story, meaning No Chase for me :)


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