Day 5 Singapore

Amazing day. (ootd) I pushed my man on doing something extreme and he's acting all good but he was terrified. First stop is Fullerton Road where landmarks of Singapore are located. Pretty historic road, nice to walk on and take pictures from.
Behind us is the Marina Bay Sands which we were the other days. Look at our beautiful faces.

Merlion Park/Esplanade Bridge - Beautiful scenery with tourist taking pictures beside you as well will make it more comfortable.
Not many tourist on that day, but still enough to photobomb your precious images. No judgments since we also ruin theirs.
Lunch at No Signboard Seafood, delicious!
Afterwards long walk to Clark Quay. City like place yet a little important road to look at based on buildings and stuff. The underway in the bridge is a bit dirty but not in the sense that you're gonna be scared. Cute drawings on it and street signs are pretty clear. More like not too long for a walk but feeling lost due to no Data for GPS. But we didn't get lost! Best feeling to just roam around and find what you're looking for (which is Gmax/Gx5).

It's his first time eating this type of ice cream in a wafer sandwich! I got sweetcorn as always and he got blueberry. He said after, why you only told me this now? That means he really likes it.
Waiting at Starbucks about an hour before our Gmax/GX5 adventure.
After being drained from that extreme activities, we went to Orchard Road again for the remaining GST that we did not know about before and needed to have for those refund.
Takashimaya is a good smelling mall. My man was walking more than usual just because of the smell. Surroundings is good and luxurious. We were here just because he got me my perfume, Chanel.
We ate dinner at Noodle Place Restaurant and it was good! I got Wonton Soup and he got something with beef. It was fast and tasty. Perfect for our tiring day with just the right amount of carbs.

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