Day 6,7&8 Singapore

6th day. (ootd) We went to Bugis and Vivo City first (only to redeem the GST Refund). Biggest thing, we BOTH forgot our PHONES. Hahaha. Yes, it was funny. I found out when we are already in the Vivo City and I looked at him saying, we don't have or phones. We didn't panic or anything. It was just really funny and sweet for me, that our phones is not our priority since we're together anyway. The only purpose that we carry our phones is to take pictures. And for this 6th day, we don't have any photos :D
Except below in the morning! 
First one was in The Rail Mall that we kept looking since we first got here and we found it finally. The Rail mall is a nice, small and convenient place for people in local. It has the Cold Storage grocery store and some shoppes that we did not get to see since we got here for groceries.
Next photo is after buying at The Rail Mall Area, my man is trying his new Oakley Shades. 

We ate lunch at Earl Swensen's at Vivo City and it was delicious. I got Chicken Baked with Rice and My man had Catfish and our appetizers was Tuna Quesadilla. Small problem, when I got my order first time, My man saw a small bug. Thanks to him, we returned it right away. Of course I had to wait another cooking time but then, it was worth it since it really is good.
Afterwards we went straight to Bugis Street to buy souvenirs. Bugis Junction is where you arrive when taking SMRT. It's an okay place but we did not really spend time to explore. Not to offend anyone but there's nothing too interesting for us to really roam around.
I know already that Bugis is a busy place. When we were there, I had to go back and eat the crispy pancake I got before. It's still there and I still love it. Too bad We don't have phones to capture my face of eating it like a kid. Then shopping souvenirs is pretty easy. We spent $69 SGD for 2 plastic figurines, 3 shirts and I forgot what else. But compared to places we've been in, it's way cheaper here at Bugis Street. I know because I've been in Singapore before and Najee keeps telling me I'm great for persuading him about Bugis Street.
Bugis + is an interesting place, a little smaller than Bugis Junction yet a fancier looking. We bought shoes in Timberland and service was amazing. We also bought our dinner in the Bon Chon at the ford court.

7th day. Rest day. We ate lunch at home and dinner outside. Of course, we started packing and fixing luggage as much as we can. 
We finally found the Bukit Panjang Plaza! It was a small-medium mall We did not really go through it so w have no idea what's inside. We only got to the food court. Dinner at Siam Kitchen

8th (last) day. 
Last picture at SMRT and first in Airport while waiting for boarding.

Last photos. We'll forever treasure this trip. Until now, we still can't believe we pull this off with our own hard earned money. Thank You God for these moments. Thank You Najee and Thank You for my boss, timing, credit cards, money chagers and Singapore.. etc. 
Thank You! :)


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