Hair tricks?

Lol I have none. Maybe some? 
I'm fortunate to have straight hair. THICK, straight hair. I got straight from my father and the thickness from my mother. My mom need to straighten her hair out most of the time but because she takes care of her hair, her natural curls are more beautiful than ever. For me, I'm lazy as hell. Thank my DNA for having this kind of hair. Because I don't have time to style or even blow dry most of the time. Not that I don't have time, but because I don't want to. - Laziness
I did my curls once and the longest that I did not wash it right after is about 2 weeks, or more. I was disgusted when I was younger thinking you need to wash your hair everyday. But then as I grow up, physically not mentally :), I learned that it's bad for the hair to be washed with shampoo every single day. I'm not sure if it's chemical or the way it affects the hair but I know most people would say expert or not that washing it every day is bad.

Before, I can only do every other day and I'll be extremely disgusted by my hair. Now, I can go a week without washing it and feel fine with it. Thank you for who invented dry shampoos. Some people say oil showing is actually good because its the hair natural nutrients coming out. I don't like having oily or greasy hair. That's why I use dry shampoo if needed. Only when I have to work or go outside but if I'm at home, I don't care how my hair looks like.
With coloring, this is more tricky because washing it often will make it fade faster. I just learned at my last coloring that when you have color in your hair, wash it with cold hair and shampoo without Sulfate in it. Check the ingredients, most shampoos have those sulfate. Shampoos that doesn't have sulfate will say up front, most of it with huge font so customers can see. I wouldn't say it's more expensive than normal one though, just different purpose.

I am forever in love with Head and Shoulders. Some people say it's too much mint or too strong for their hair but for me, it was perfect. I didn't have any dandruff at all not like with Dove, Pantene and others that I tried and used for a bit but did not stay due to having flakes. Just to remind everybody, I'm not bashing anything or any shampoos, it's just my personal experience and how is my hair comfortable with these products.
With oil or something to put afterwards, I don't know anything about that so I apologize. I'm already lazy to style, I don;t want to put any oil for shining purposes and frizzy or wavy or whatever.
Tools like flat iron or curling wand, I don't have any suggestions as well but as long as it works, I don't see why you should buy expensive ones. I have a blow dry, Revlon that my mom bought at Walmart for about $14.00. Works good. My hair can be dry 3-5 minutes. Of course it matters how long it is.

The main reason I wanted to write this is because how I'm okay now with not washing it every now and then. Even if I did not curl my hair, I was okay with not washing it because I have color. It's been THREE WEEKS that I did not wash it and that's the longest I waited. If you haven't got any tricks from this, my bad but hey, don;t wash your hair everyday :)


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