Liking my Style

I wore these gowns in the celebration of my 18th birthday. These two gowns were my choices. I researched on the web on changed some things while in the making. I got it made somewhere in Imus, Cavite, Philippines.
I took screenshots from facebook so it's clear that I wore these a long time ago.
My cousin and second cousin asked for these gowns right aftee my party. I said sure, go and take them since I won't use them again anymore (unless for fun or something crazy). They told me they might use it for their dances. And yey, they did!

My cousin Angela wore the gown above on her JS prom! She even use the hair something, lol I don't know what to call those pearl design that you put. She looks beautiful!

My second cousin Kimberly used the dress above twice. First on her Prom (right photo) and the other one on her 18th birthday (left). She even wear converse like me (photo below as reference). Of course, she rocked it!

Yes, that's my man with me in July 2012. Years have past fast.
Thanks for liking my gowns/dresses. I hope they helped you lessen the burden of going into your dances!


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