Pharyngitis / Strepthroat

I was sick last week it was not tolerable at all. I felt a little weird starting February 2nd, Monday, thinking I was tired from 2 day work without rest from flying across the world before that. By Tuesday, there it is. Full blown sick. Can't swallow without feeling like it's killing me.
I figured where I got it about few days later. From my Coworker Angie. She was coughing and sneezing all night Saturday and was really sick Sunday. We were side by side for those 2 nights and when I was back at work, I found out she had Laryngitis.
I can't eat those times I was sick. I had to call off twice at work, Wednesday and Friday. I felt so bad but I had no choice since I can't eat and talk normal. By Friday, my mom decided we need to go to for antibiotics and we went to Moreno Beach Dr. Urgent Care. I don't see any complains that I can say and service was fast. A lot of people thought at the opening time of 0900 and I wish that can be moved to earlier. Will go back if needed which I hope not. They gave me Ibuprofen 600 mg 3 times a day and Penicillin VK 2 times a day.

By Sunday, I said to myself I can't call off again even if my man and my parents said to. I finished the shift and got to rest Monday and Tuesday. May I say, my medicines worked well. Now I'm all better and don't want to get that bacteria ever again.
I never experienced hurt in my throat until this illness. I'm telling you, prevent having this as much as you can. Craving to eat but you cant is hard enough plus the fact that EVERY TIME you swallow, it freaking hurts. 
Sorry to post this on a valentine's eve but hey, reality is always here. I'm kidding. 
Spread the love, not illness! :)


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