Pizza 90 @ Tyler Galleria

I ordered white pizza, meaning Mozarella with olive oil. Not the usual with tomato sauce. My mom says it was different, but still good. I added basil, spinach and chicken. Combo it with salad (add $4.99) I chose ceasar and pizza itself was $8.99. 
When paying, after they swipe your card, you need to finish it on their ipad mini. Thinking it was only ok, ok then signature, I was wrong. It includes the option to give them a tip. It was four options, 15%, 20%, and I think. 25% was the last one with number, and a No Tip at the bottom. Of course I had to put the 15% because hello, this is America. But in reality, if it was okay and people won't judge you if not giving a tip because it's everyone's job and we're getting paid equally, I won't give a tip to anyone unless they helped me with something beyond their job description.

Our total was about $18-19. All worth it since it was fresh and delicious. Will come back if we crave for pizza while shopping here. 


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