Reciprocal of Life

I apologize for the title. I don't even know if it's the right one but I can't think of anything.
This is not one of those deep writing about life. I don't even know how to write. But, I do want to thank my man, Najee, for reciprocating my love and faith in our relationship. If anybody is updated, we broke up December 2015. He was miserable and so was I due to this Long Distance Relationship. We did not speak for almost a month and now, we're back to the old times (I think we are back together but we never really talk about it officially).
We went to Singapore last week of January. It was the best week of my life, yet. He keeps saying the same thing, even if it was only our third day back then. We had a blast. Just fooling around, eating, traveling, having fun, no pressure and the best part, we're together. Afterwards, he was determined in life. In our relationship. He keeps saying I pressed his reset button and now he's ready to accomplish things and that he learned.

I already asked him regarding his 'other girl' that he did not spoke to ever aside from their meeting because of friends. He's honest so I know everything now. But still, there are many times that I get lonely and think I'm still not there with him. How can I reassure myself that he will not be sad again or I will lose faith that easily. I tell him if I'm feeling miserable about me, us. He courts me and tells me I don't have to worry about anything else. He's good and back on track. The thing is, I think I'm the one losing direction.
I'm scared because I don't know how he can reassure that this will still work. Us, not being together is freaking difficult. Before, I'm the one saying I'll see you whenever in future with no doubt. But now, I don't know. I want to take a shortcut. I want this miserable feeling of not being together to be over.

"Let's get married", I told him yesterday. He answered right away, "WHEN?". Damn, we are still under 25 so we can't really get married anywhere without needing to ask our parents so that's a no go. I researched, and yep, we cannot get married under 25. I was a little bummed this past few days not because of the married part but because I miss him. So last night, when I was sleeping, he sent me a long message regarding us and me wanting to take a shortcut.
 He sent this to me last night when I was sleeping. Time difference.
When he was down, I'm the fighting spirit for the both of us. When we broke up, we were both tired being sad and losing faith. Distance just sucks. Because when we're together, no problems can't be solved. And now, that I'm the one losing hope once in a while, he's the determined one. The one who has full of faith saying, "This is life. What happens in Singapore is just a glimpse of our future. We're a Team. We cannot tale shortcuts. I learned now. We reciprocate each other and I see our future."
And because of those phrases, I was reborn a bit. Recharged for the both of us. Thank you life for having a balance of being unfair.


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