Valentine's Day

Hey everybody. Happy Heart's Day! I got the gift below from my father. He got my mom as well of course. He does this last year and the previous years as well. Photos below has a shoe, bear and a balloon.
You'd expect this'll be from my man. Nope. In a few months, if we're still 'together' (I'm not saying that because we're not good, we really are. I just don't want to jinx it or get ahead of myself.) it will be our 7th year. All these years, we NEVER WENT OUT ON A DATE IN VALENTINE'S day. I don't know why exactly but before, it's because high school and even if my father knows he was courting me, he was strict about it.  And we are too chicken to ask of course.
Following years, we were in college and all the on and off happened but we still kind of together but not committed. Okay, friends with benefits I guess. Point is, never dated on this holiday. And for me, that's okay. Every time we are together, it's epic and no holidays can have more effect for us (maybe it'll help but I'm not sure how though) since it's like hearts day everyday. 

It's already 14th in Philippines, and my man is backpacking at the moment. It's a 2 full day Hiking. And I'm here enjoying my off and working tomorrow. Thats how we celebrate valentine's day. Normal day, no dates and gifts. Yes I'm jealous at others and I'm not gonna lie. But not because they have dates and gifts on this holiday, but because of the fact that they are just together. I'm jealous of that.

It's really inspiring how others make such a big deal out of this day, they earn for their other half on just one day. It's such full of love, but most of the time most of the time, full of lust. No worries if that's together though. What I'm saying is, if you love someone, don't put everything in a day. Yeah sure put effort especially if your other half is easily jealous. But for me, I'd rather stay at home and relax. For sure, that's what we're gonna do in the future if my man and I will ever be together on a Valentine's day.
I'm not sad, just missing my man. Anyway, Spread the Love! 


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