Zenatane - After 4 months

Zenatane - First 2 months
I still have a week left after 4 months is completely finished.
The dryness in my hands were gone. Lips are still always chapped. 
Dosage is 60 mg per day. 20 mg are the capsules, two in the morning and one at night.

First photo taken March 07, 4th month is finally done.
My back acne is really bad. It was like that before I started. We thought it'll be a bit better like my face at first. It didn't until a bit now. It hurts and some bags that I use tend to be in the perfect spot for those big pimples that'll make me uncomfortable.
It's started hurting like everything is wanting to get out similar to my face at the first couple of months. I hope it'll be way better after the program of six months.

My mom said before hand that the skin below my neck has cleared up. Also, nose bleeding is not as bad as before. Except for times where it's really dry then you get to pick it. No effects on appetite whatsoever.


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