Appreciating my car

By tomorrow, my car the I purchased brand new on my own and still paying is going to be on its third year. A day before which is today, it reached 50,000 miles. I'm such a proud of owner.
I have a Hyundai Accent Gs Hatchback in Black. I named it 'Gooby'. Almost three years ago, I got it on a Good Friday. 
There have been several incidents but no major ones. I know my car has been taking care of me and I hope I am taking care of it enough. 

I can afford an SUV, luxury or even sports car. But I don't need those. Maybe SUV in the future once I have a family. But I will not exchange it or trade as the term being used if I don't need to. I'm practical and not greedy. Plus, I love my car.
Keep appreciating what you have. Take care if it because most likely, it will take care of you back.


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