B of A - Amazing Security

I hate to post about Credit Cards again, but I know it might help someone. Or maybe I just want to remind myself in the future about these things because it's good. Three notes in this post:
  1. Security Measures - Amazing or maybe a bit Disturbing
  2. Another offer - Cash Rewards
  3. Bank Verification Letter fee - Waived
When I got my Card, first purchase went through but the second one which is suppose to be Western Union didn't. A little later, somebody called me from Bank of America. I forgot her name, sorry. But she was asking if it was really me and just making sure because Card was new and they don't know my spending patterns yet. Especially the part if sending money for a new card. I did understand that. Thumbs up for security.
Next one is tonight. I tried to use it in a Gas Station and it was declined. I swiped it again for the second time, still declined. I was upset. I needed to use it and had to use my other card instead. When we went home, I called after and asked why was it declined. I talked to Sergio and he verified a lot of information and said he'll call back the number I told him for more verification. I answered and he explained that it was declined because of their Security Measures. In a span of 14 minutes, I was in 2 Gas Stations. The reason is that I put gas on the first one, and bought a gum on the second one because the first one doesn't have those convenient stores and the second one is sky high expensive compared to the first one regarding gas prices.
One might think (like my mom and some part of me) that this is amazing (which it is at most part), and others (other part of me) that it's an inconvenience. You decide on what kind of user you are.
On another note:
The other day, I received an offer from Bank of America for the Cash Rewards Credit Card. The color red with plenty of cash back like 3% on gas (which will really benefit me), 2% on groceries and 1% on all other things. It's really tempting. Especially with no annual fee and those rewards. My mom even said, get it and just keep it somewhere if you don't want to use it. Well, I don't think like that. I don't want to have plenty of cards and don't care after a while after the sign up bonus or low APR expires. My bad Mom but that's not me.
So tonight, I'm about to shred that offer.
One last note:
When I requested for a Bank Verification Letter, I read and searched that it'll be $10.00. When I talked to an agent, he said it was $20.00. Having no choice, I said go ahead. This was way back in November 2015. When I got the letter, I was hoping for the charge any time soon. Until now, there was no charge for this Bank Verification Letter that I got. So, a big Thank you Bank of America for waiving the $20.00 :)


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