CITI - Another disappointing situation

This will be a small story. I have the Citi Dividend Card. This card has a 'bonus' cashback that has more than the usual percentage from 1-5%. It is divided into quarter each year. Oh, and you also have to activate it. Since I do get emails and stuff from Citi, I do activate it most of the time. Even if I don't use it.
There promotion from April-June includes fitness clubs. I enrolled my mom yesterday to one. The amount was $460. When we got home, I remember that Citi has this promo. It's only 2 days apart. Being practical and all, I felt I should've got that extra percentage of cash back.

So today I called Citi, hoping they can move it or override the cashback. I talked to 'Rosalyn or Ronalyn' and of course... Nothing happened. Blah blah blah, rules and etc. 'We can't.' As always. It's only 2 days in between and I called personally to see ifnthey can do something. I'm just really bummed of how they are treating me not only with this cashback scenario but with other things.
Don't get me wrong, I know I'm being greedy with asking for them to override or change the date so I can get the exta cash back. But with all the other disappointed situoin the past with them, I thought they would want to make it better. Oh well, sucks to be a customer of Citi.

Again, I'll keep using it. I've never did a late payment and was using it wisely. But damn, service went deep low. No perks anymore. I got this card for almost 2 years now. Thanks for being my least favorite or even want to use for the sake of not being closed, of all of my cards.


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