Citi CC CLI Update

Exactly two months ago, I tried requesting for a Credit Limit Increase on my Citi Credit Card. It was declined. I did it in the computer where it tells you right away. On January 30th, I sent a message on the account saying I was disappointed and surprised. Later on the day, it was answered and told me to call a certain number.
So today, I just called the number they gave me and the first woman who answered says she only deals with Credit Line Decrease. Why would someone give me a number that does not qualify for what I was looking for? She was great and all but I hope next 'suggestion' a Citi agent gives to me will be more correct. 
After the nice woman who can't help me said why would they gave this number to me and is shocked about that, she then transferred me to Customer Service.  A man answered (forgive me for not knowing their names, I just woke up) and asked for verifications.
Then I ask who can help me answer why I was declined. He just told me, I can ask for another one but we can only request it for you not approve. Then he keeps on giving me the number to a specialist that is not on Citi but in Credit Bureau.
I asked, okay, who do I talked to about approval.
He said 'Us. But regarding why it was declined before or in future that can be answered by the Credit Bureau'.
I asked again, 'But you are the one approving the increase, right?'
He answered, 'Yes. But we take the report from the Credit Bureau about it.'

I said, 'No I don't want another request in my CLI, just transfer me.'
He answered, 'I can't transfer you without making a request'.
I don't want another request. I need answers. It seems like Citi wants me to try again and talk to the Credit Bureau why (if it's declined again) and ask them directly where they are the one who knows my spending pattern and how good of a client I am. 
I don't understand this. They rather get a freaking number from somewhere and based their decision on that than looking at the history of the customer and analyze how bad or good they are with them.

There was even a time where he told me that requesting a CLI is not going to hurt my Credit Score. I didn't even go further talking to him about that because I know it will, even a small one counts. And just like other Customer service agents, he's just trying to help me even if the information is not certain.
After I know that even he can't help me, after he said at least thrice just 'request for another one' and keeps on trying ti give me the number of the Credit Bureau, I had to end the call. I'm not going to call the Credit Bureau and asked why, thats too far for my effort. I'm now more disappointed with Citi about CLI. All I want is to be answered and not be transferred. For Citi to not see good clients in their business is just meh. 

Update: 1922. I just tried a request again online and was declined even though I owe less than $5.00.

I will never ask or expect anything from CITI again. I'll keep using it of course but you are the least that I like on all accounts I have. Thank you for ignoring such good clients :) 
Doctorofcredit - Citi CLI
mymoneyblog - Says a Reject does no harm (which I doubt but hopefully true since I ask twice in a span of two months.)

More frustration. Update March 20. I got the letter as always as the document on my account about the denial. I called the number that says Equifax blah blah. Called it and it's automated. I didn't know it's all automated no human etc. yep, stupid me. I know where I'm wrong at, so ignorant.
I called Citi and same explanation. They can't tell me what it says on my report yet they are the one approving it. I ranted about how you don't look at the customers' profile and just get a report from somewhere. Which is really odd since Capital One has been nothing but amazing about CLI and Citi is.. Well here's the story that you're reading. 
The agent at Citi told me to call a number at Equifax and explained to me it's automated. When I listened and tried to proceed, it costs me to have the report. Except when I mail the letter I got from Citi.
Well Hell No. You want me to mail your freaking document when you can just tell me whats wrong since you're the only one saying I have problems (I got increased somewhere else for 3K without me asking and have new account/s). Effort and some cents that I'm not willing to do, because it should've been your job to explain why I keep getting declined when I was good with your account all the time.
Good job Citi.


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