Concert & Cinema Manners (TIL-11)

Another "Things I've Learned" so far. Check the last one here.

Last Thursday, my folks and I watched "Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice". I feel like I was a child reading a comic and it's turning to life. Well, it is a live action so it that's what they are aiming for. I liked it. We were on time yet sold out. My mom is stubborn so she tried again and we go in. We sat on stairs which is fine on the way back so we are not an obstacle to people passing by.
  1. Arrive early for better seating.
  2. Get food if it's 2 hours or more if you have time.
  3. As much as possible, do not go to the bathroom. Hold it if you can, or else I feel like you wasted a few minutes of what you paid for and did not get to watch whatever scene it was.
  4. Do not freaking CLAP. I understand if the artist was there or even the production management. Damn it's annoying. There was a sentence I did not get to here that Superman said because freaking children are clapping. Those are not children, childish adults I would say. 
  5. Yes you can laugh, That's why we're here to be entertained. But don't be a drunkie laughing loudly.
  6. Be careful when moving your feet. Some cinemas have smaller leg room and I know stretching it is such a relief but you are not at home. Once, maybe twice if forgivable. After that, you're a monster.
  7. Do not SCREAM. I hate freaking teenagers being oh so surprised with everything that has happened. Damn Girl, keep it to yourself! Or at least with your friends. You don't need to tell us who that person is because most of us know. You just made yourself really irritating by shouting who the hell is in the screen. It's not Breaking news for crying out loud. You don't need to prove you know it all.
  8. Do not watch a movie if you know you are going to be bored. Don't feel peer pressured to watch something you don't like. Be true to yourself. Good luck to guys out there who watch chick flicks with a girl, I feel bad for you.
I was on a concert last night. I did go to plenty of concerts before that. These are the things I've seen and experienced. Feel free to do them as well for yourself and for the sake of others to enjoy the event.
  1. Arrive early. This is a must. Traffic will be heavy and line will be to the moon. I'd rather sit and wait for more than an hour than stand in line to come in or sit in traffic to even drive to the event.
  2. Bring cover up like jackets or blankets. Of course know the weather before hand. Wear something that will not make you extremely hot or cold.
  3. Do not wear something so short that will make you pull it down every 5 minutes. Honestly, I felt so uncomfortable for the lady in front of me who keeps pulling her shorts down every time she stands up. That's why I either wear dresses or pants where I'm comfortable because I would be jumping all around and singing my heart out. Be comfortable.
  4. Have a right size of bag. For guys it's easy to not have a bag and I want that too. I was thinking getting a pants that has a lot of pockets so I can put next time I'm with someone so I have no bag to worry about. But if you are going to have a bag, make the most of it. Light yet big enough to put necessary stuff.
  5. Expect smokers and stoners. You can't tell them stop because you are going to look like an idiot for putting it out and will be ignored. It's a freaking concert. Not a church.
  6. Prepare your ears for loud noise. This is given. Yet some people are complaining the next day about it.
  7. Have fun. Enjoy the moment even if you don't know the band/artist playing, appreciate their talent and time. You paid for it might as well watch and criticize if you want to.
  8. It's okay to take videos/photos. But do not be on your cameras/phones on all song. There's internet and Youtube if you prefer looking through your phone. I got my Htc Re Camera to capture some parts of the song which I don't need to look through a screen since it does not have one. That's a risk I'm willing to take, to have a crappy video with me jumping not knowing what it will look like rather than standing still and have a decent video if you're good at getting but not feeling the song 100%.
  9. Expect that drinks are not allowed inside. I was in a concert before where they don't allow anything even water while last night they did allow only water. Still, have money prepared to buy drinks if you're going to be dancing and singing like me.


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