Kohl's Credit Card

Before we move here to California, I've gone to Kohl's maybe once or twice somewhere in Tennessee or Mississippi. I wasn't really a fan of it, or anything related (maybe a bit of Marshalls because of branded items for less). Since we got here, my parents found a near one and they both loved it. At first, it was only my mom who keeps saying let's go to Kohl's but after a while, my father started saying the same. I wonder why, it's just another store with pretty much anything you need clothing wise. Maybe because of discounts and stuff but I don't see myself going in there every now and then by myself except if my parents want to.
Months passed and I really notice how they want to go there if we have time. Yeah sure I love to shop, but only if I need something not because I want to shop period. 
Don't get me wrong, Kohl's is cool and I'm starting to love it. I'm just not the type of person to spend my time shopping.

Credit Card. Here I am again talking about one. Last night at work, my co workers and I were talking about Credut Cards like how many they have and limits, etc. I was surprised to hear that they don't want to be increased for the same reason they don't want to be tempted buying more which is understandable. But for me, higher limit means more for emergencies and if you're not a high spender like me, credit utilization score would be amazing. 
Ok, I guess I'm losing my point here regarding Kohl's Credit Card. When we were there earlier, my father was about to buy shoes. While him and my mom choose, I went somewhere that they didn't know and thought of applying for the Credit Card of Kohl's since my parents love it that much. Before I talked to one of the Cashier agents, I went ahead research first how it was. Yada yada yada, some say great others don't. Point for me is, if it'll help my parents shopping without annual fee or anything then great.

The line at the Customer Service was long. Well maybe medium I'm don't have the time to fall in line because this thought of mine just came at that point. Thought is, to get a Credit Card at Kohl's only for my parents but under my name. Reason is my mom already got denied and plus, I want them to spend whatever I can provide them. So after fee minutes of reading and researching while standing up near the Cashiers, I went straight to one and ask if she can help me. They were not busy so I didn't feel bad asking for help. She did with no worries at all, asked for my Driver's License and I put my info on those little machines when you're paying. After a while she called someone to verify and she gave me a thumbs up meaning I got approved! Believe me, those minutes of waiting are the longest. I know people applied for Credit cards felt the same way unless you're the perfect rich human that does not care about this. She told me I'll have 25% discount that I can use asap (which I did with my dad's two shoes, we saved $89.00 total) and my card will arrive in about 2 weeks. I have a limit of $***. Not bad since I wasn't expecting an instant approval and I know we won't shop at Kohl's for that amount or even close to it.


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