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I've been a member of this gym in Moreno Valley, for more than two months now. I'd say it's okay. A little pricey than the other gyms as other people would say, I chose this one because of plenty classes and closest to where I live. It's a wide gym in my opinion. Probably small for some that lives in a gym everyday. I'm not like that. I only work out to help myself and be healthy as much as possible. Well, practically to balance my bad habits by exercising at least twice a week.
I believe there are three options when it comes to membership. It depends on how much you pay upfront.

Calculations above is how the manager of the gym explained and compared the different scenarios with paying.
I was into running last year. I got bored. Even though I use elliptical every once in a while so I won't be bored running, I really got tired of it. I still love it though, just not into it like before. 
That's my personality, once I know that it'll be a routine, I get bored and try another one. Then once I know what or how it's like, I'll move on to the next one.
Every time you come in without having a membership, it costs $15.00 for a day. That's freaking expensive every time you want to join a class. As a practical human being, I won't pay 15 bucks every time I want to Zumba. Yes, I do that. I'm not ashamed. Why would I be? I got out of my comfort zone, that's courageous. Oh, and there's a free one session.
Some would say what I chose regarding membership is crazy. Well, maybe I am. Honestly, I prefer paying something big upfront rather than ease my way into it.
I chose the "Paid in Full". Meaning I pay a big amount and they will waived the initiation fee and have my third year for free. Well, not for free maybe discounted if you want to say that. But it is free. Now, I am a member of any LA Fitness in America for less than three years. LA Fitness Signature is for some celebrity, or so they say. I just have to pay $5.00 to enter. After that, I can renew my membership with only $219 for a year.
Believe me, I've thought this through. I'm interested in learning new things. Joining a gym that has classes will help me not only sweat but to relax while doing that. When I'm in a class, if I'm too weak or having mistakes, they do not care. Nobody looks at you like you are too stupid or too fragile to be here. I'm not into weights or any strengthening because I have no idea about those things. I don't want to pay extra just for those so no thank you I'll just join classes.
  1. The agent who helped me finish my account put my Middle Name, not my Last Name. I tried and tried and tried at least five times either through phone or going in. What sucks is, some of the receptionist say I'll change it for you. Some say come in and present an ID and if I do, they'll be like we don't need your ID we can change it now. Until now, it's still wrong. Even the manager himself knows that it needs to be corrected, nothing's changed. I gave up that they will fix it. It's irritating.
  2. There are no classes around noon time. Last class before noon is 0945 and earliest at the afternoon is at 1730. What about the others that prefer middle of those? In other LA Fitness branch, they do. Just not the on I'm going in. Just saying.
  3. I wanted to add my mom into my account, I was just informed that I can't because I was paid in full. Like what the hell? I did not know that. Yey. Now, me being a member does not have any perks for my mom's membership if she decides to join. But with other type of memberships, I think you can. With Paid in Full, Nope. Probably because they don't earn much as others, so no discounts allowed.
  4. Phone or key tag fiasco. This one is simple. You can only use one, either your phone or key tag to enter. My question is, why not both? Some people prefer to have it both just to be sure. If you activate your mobile, your tag will not work anymore. Great right? This little things are not so important yet makes it a Con.
  5. Email Work Out Reminders. Damn it's annoying. I turned it off many times on the tools online and it still gives me an email every time I try to add a work out on my calendar. Keep it together.
Update March 30. They updated my name! FINALLY. And my mom joined  for a year that I paid. Yey!


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