New Office, New Equipments & Bag

I have a nice face right? Wrong! Lol. Shopping this here.
Another first day for me. I figured get something new to have it with me. If you think I'm trying to brag, I'm not. Feel free to stop reading and go somewhere or eat a churro. Anyway, I'm fortunate enough to have an opportunity that I wanted a long time ago. Hopefully, I can make it with the introductory period as always so I can stay. Amazingly all my equipment that needed to use is new! Damn the feeling of fresh new scent of just unboxed monitors and system unit plus mouse. Thank You! 
Some part maybe it's luck, but I was actively looking for this. I put an effort so don't tell me that I'm a spoiled little only child that gets what she wants because I work hard for what I want/need.
"Mint Multi Satchel"
Maybe I have too many bags. But the truth is, if all of it has a purpose I don't see why not investing in some of it. Growing up, my mom told me quality is always better than quantity when it comes to clothing and bags. I believe her and now I'm the same. It's true that if you can earn for something you really want, wait for it rather than buying a cheap knock off that will probably break in a couple of months.
Got this at Cabazon Outlets originally $98. I bought for $51.80 with taxes.
Top - Calvin Klein


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