Quality Time

When I got home, my parents are both home. This is not always, usually it's either one of them that's still at work. My father as always, ask me if I want to eat something. I said no, I don't want anything. I walked up to my mom in their bedroom, she asked me the same thing if what I wanted to eat. At first I said no, or so I thought.
Then she said something Mcdonalds Oreo Mcflurry. I said I don't want something sweet. Then after thinking, I thought about Hash-brown. I said let's go any buy. Mama said, yey! Lol. 
I told my father and he said let's go so afterwards I can go to sleep. My father usually sleeps early that's why. 
This is really a nothing post. I just want to make a memory of these times where it's not so often and we eat what we crave for. 
Spend time with your loved ones as much as you can. It's important, believe me. The phrase 'Live as if it's your last' maybe too cheesy and heard often, if it comes to spending time and making memories, think of that phrase because it's the truth. Not only you're making yourself worthwhile, but you're also making others happy and putting efforts to be with them.


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