Shopping for a new Office Bag

Currently at Cabazon Outlets :) - Decision here.
Prices below includes sale. Please help me pick.

1. Kenneth Cole $109

2. Nine West $64.99

3. Steve Madden $49
I feel as of now, the place is Kenneth Cole then tie Nine West and Steve Madden. I worry about the size that I want it to be looking small but you can put a lot and that's where Kenneth Cole went up. Also you can hide the handle
Part if you want it to be a cross body bag completely.

4. Steve Madden (2) $98

We're currently eating dinner now at 1949.
After this I'm about to decide which one I pick :0

2020 I already choose two left. First down was Black and White Steve and Madden. Reason is, you still have to put the zipper up when putting something which is inconvenient.
Next down is Kenneth Cole. I thought it was the one I'll choose but when I looked at it again, it doesn't have any pockets whatsoever which is bad.
My father picked the Nine West while my mom picked the Steve Madden with color.

2030, I bought it already. I like the color and because my mom is being annoying of me choosing for a long time. Total was $51.80 with tax. I chose the Steve Madden with color. Sorry pa, I like the other one too. I'm actually torn but it's getting late and again, my mom is being annoying saying things like 'you already have green' which I don't understand since she's the one who picked the one I bought. She acts like her MANY Bags are not the same color. My other 'green' bags are more of a camouflage green. 


Ankita Saxena said…
Hey I've checked the collection and found it really attractive, I've also got great collection of Nine West Bags at Majorbrands.
Thank You! Definitely will check that out :)

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