Thoughts on Being Alone / Happy Easter!

I'm an only child. Growing up, I played with my cousins every now and then when I come over and with my neighbors after school or on weekends. Most people would think I'm spoiled. But that's not why I wanted to write this. It's about me telling everyone it's okay to be alone. I don't live by myself. I'm still with my parents. As an only child, privacy is a big thing. Well for every one of course. Thing is, when you have a sibling, attention is divided not like alone for all of your life. Don't get me started about pressure that I keep writing here. Being alone has it's perks and disadvantages.

I get to go to concerts alone. Yes it seems sad. I don't have a choice since I don't have any friends to go with. Yet, it makes me more appreciative of the music I'm listening to. To see how they play and really understand their lyrics live. I get to dance without being so embarrassed since it's just me. For people that are embarrassed to be alone, GET our of your Comfort Zone! It's worth it and makes your self esteem boost. Even a little. Believe me. 
I get to spend more for myself. Financially. Hey, I earned my money so don't make me feel bad. It's just that, sometimes, it's really good to reminisce memories alone while eating or walking the park or waste time seating somewhere and just look at the place you're in. You get to see your food pieces by pieces. You tend to really say Thanks to your server and have a date with yourself. If you think I'm pathetic, I feel bad for you not being confident by yourself alone. Not all the time somebody's going to be there for you so you better learn.

I don't need to be a little more careful when driving. I started driving when I was 14 turning 15. Either automatic transmission or manual. I've been the driver of my friends, parents and myself. I know most of us drivers know that it's different driving alone and with someone. Driving alone, is hell of sad or hell of fun. I can sing as much as I can or on the top of my lungs as they say. I can dance like a freak while sitting which is crazier than usual dancing. I can think deep thoughts and be serious for hours without anyone interrupting me. I don't need to be slower than my usual speed just because the limit says so (I hope I don'y get a speeding ticket after this). It's different driving alone. Calm and relaxing. Yet you can say bad words as much as you can since nobody will hear you. I'm not teaching you to have a road rage but it helps once in a while. Don't be so self righteous all the time, or else you'll blow up. If you can talk to yourself, go ahead. If you need someone to get someone. Usually I talk to myself  (and pray to say Thanks) while driving.

These are some of the things I get to do/think when I'm alone. Being alone does not mean being lonely.  It does get to that when it's longer though, so don't be afraid to ask someone for company. Yet, reflecting in yourself alone is helpful in my opinion. Know yourself so you can understand the world a little bit better.

I'm currently at work right now, started at 0800 in a Sunday Morning. Last week, I did not get a chance to go to church since I got to work and the time where we usually go is not possible. the other day, I just thought of the fact that there are other timers aside from the one we are going to. I feel so bad not knowing that before last week. I feel bad for missing one mass, especially because I want to say Thanks and it was Palm Sunday.
I know I'm sounding too religious here, I'm not. I don;t every single night and I don't remember a lot of prayers to recite. It's just that, whatever is happening to my life, I want to say Thank you to someone out there. So this morning before heading to work, I went to church at 0630. By myself. My dad is going to come with my mom and my mom is night shift so they're going at 0815. It feels good for me to find a way even though I'm busy, to go to church. To Say Thank you.

No matter what your religion preference is, don't be rude when somebody says Happy Easter. We are trying to spread happy vibes and your rudeness is not necessary. Just say Same to You or Thanks. It's not that hard. Think about the kids. They don't even understand why people are celebrating yet they are looking forward for the Easter Egg Hunt. Just don't be a buzz kill. Not only for Easter but for every holiday there is. If everyone is happy, why would you stop it.
Do what you do that makes you as long as you're no hurting anyone, we'll be okay as what I say in my profile here. Do the same in every holiday. Or every situation for that matter. Spread Positive Vibes.
Happy Easter.


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