Without Make Up

This is me without any make up. Big pores, large forehead (planning to get a haircut soon, mostly to trim my bangs for this very reason) and a lot of things you can tease me about. And you know what? I don't care. Most of the time. Sometimes, I do. Really do. But growing up, I get stronger on the things I wasn't before. And being confident in your own skin is one of those weaknesses. 
I'm not the type of girl that you will look back once you passed. I guess unless I was wearing something provocative which is really seldom. I prefer sneakers than flats (I honestly don't like flats but I have those for the sake of my job for requiring business casual). I wear heels like maybe once, twice a year just because it's an occasion and being a lady is a must. I love dresses not to be a girl but because it's easier to wear and I don't have to pair jeans and a top. Yes I'm that lazy. Point is whatever I'm doing, I'm confident about it or at least I force and teach myself to have enough confidence.

So, above photo is what I look like in the morning. Well, of course not the hair though. And I might have some morning something in my eyes, not to make you feel disgusted. I'm just like any other normal human being. I can't really say the phrase be confident with who or what you are since I am on treatment for my acne. But hey, I learned about my health and what vitamins I need in order to not get sick; Thanks Mom and Dad for the genes :( ... so it's not about vain.
Is taking a picture when you only 3 hours of sleep a vanity? Hair for about 2 weeks old (meaning- yes, I haven't washed my hair that long to keep the color), eyebrows done two months ago and No certain angles for me to look thinner than my usual self. Again, without make up and professional lighting to back up my awesome features? 
Well, that's just me ;)


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