CITI Credit Card Limit Increased

So in my other site, I've been complaining about Citi a LOT. I was frustrated and disappointed of how they declined my request twice (two months in between) after paying a chunk of money (at least for me). And today, I checked my account and I saw a difference on the remaining limit that can be used. I'm like, WAAAAAAIIIIIIT. So I calculated it and then YEY! It was increases by a grand. 37.037% to be exact. And may I add that Citi has the lowest APR on all my cards. But then, I even told myself before, if they increase my I won't care since I'm so mad at Citi. Still not comparable to Capital One though. But here I am now, eating what I said since I'm happy about it.
Say Hi to Daryl Dixon at the back :D
I can't really say I'm sorry for my rants about Citi since what happened is still what happened but I will apologize for giving too much hate. Thank You for the chance since I know that I wanted the increase, not for me to spend though, but for my all in credit ratio. I guess, patience is really the key? Well, thats the problem with me. I've been kind of addicted to Credit cards for me to have again not to spend. But everybody learns right. Now, Citi is back to my good side. Not on top, still on last but I won't plan to close it like before when I was really mad.
Thank You Citi. You won't regret giving me an increase, you never do anyway. Not bragging, just grateful from what I'm getting !

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