Garmin Forerunner 10

Got this last year at Target. Didn't really want the pink but it's the last one and I had to get it to have the Price Match from Walmart thinking it will be gone asap. Nope, yesterday, it was still there. But the price is still $99. Original I believe was $129. I got it for $49! Since every time I buy a gadget before hand, I read and research about it as much as I can. I also went to Walmart to see if it's the same price and before hand it was. But before we left to California, I saw the discount of $49. I didn't buy it thinking it would still be there. Next time I went to Walmart, it was gone. Good thing I took a picture of the price.

So we got here in California in Target and I saw one. There it is, a chance again. But the high price. And I thought of Price Match. Good thing I found the photo and boom! Bought it myself :)


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