Instagram Annoying Posts

I will not be sorry for the things I will say on the photos below. These are my opinions and rants about stupidity and attention seeker humanity. 
This 'celebrity' in the Philippines is not one of the top ones but act like it. I never even see her act in shows but I can tell I will not like it. Using your fame for your vanity is too much of a narcissistic to me. Look at the image, what's the connection of the damn quote of her being in a swimsuit? It makes my head boil. Why are people supporting this kind of 'artist'.

This woman that I know for years now has a second hand Honda. I love Hondas. I think they are classic. But, for her to post this picture saying about how bank owns the car, is clearly a misconception. Honey. For people like us who pays at the bank for our car, that doesn't mean we don't own them. It just means we paid a big amount of money and need some help about it. Other than that, it's completely ours. I wouldn't trade my monthly paying car to a cheap but unreliable one. I'm not bragging. I'm defending. Believe, her posts are about her are being repaired every now and then. Sure. You got a deal paying cheap but need it to be serviced every month? Good Luck driving far away, everyday like me. 
You already know what's wrong with the above one. I don't smoke anything. But, I don't care if you do. As long as you don't hurt anyone, go and have fun. But please, be responsible. Thats a freaking child right there. And you think it's funny? What if it was a medical pill that has serious side effects? You're just going to say I'm sorry I left it behind? Childish. Irresponsible. Think of others. Don't be selfish. Grow up. 


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