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Since I posted Annoying once (there will be more of annoying since ranting is a part of human's life so you wait), below are relatable once. At least for me.
I'm biased. Let me just put that out there before I start regarding 'feminism' and stuff. Well just a comment about the post above. I'm amazed how the astronaut answered the question. I know the one who ask was just wanting to make a conversation (maybe) before hand but we all know they won't ask that to men.
I say sorry a LOT. I didn't have an emotional abuse growing up though. But. No matter if I know you or not, I will say it if I bump you or something. I feel like sometimes people seems to look at me like I'm weak (well, if you know me, you can tell the others) because I apologize a lot but it's just my habit. People thinks apologizing is a sign of weakness but I say otherwise. It's a bit relatable to humility. The way you handle things, owning up to what you've done, that's bravery in my book. 
THIS IS ME. I mean, I'm the one who will JUMP :) yes, relatable for me. I'm the kne who will tell the others, I'm planning this, want to do it too? And they will say uhm No? Lol
I don't have a creative mind. I can't give you an idea that will make it amazing (whatever it may be). Yet I appreciate great movies especially where you get attached on both protagonist and antagonist because of their reasoning. So for those writers that can make people think and feel new things from their own minds, thank you. Keep doing what you're doing.


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